English information

We are …

… an initiative of (honorary/full-time) encouraged Linux-Users in a german linguistic area, who want to establish Linux and Open-Source-Software also in the landscape of IT in churches. We do this because we are convinced, that

Our Logo
  • Linux is the more stable Operating system
  • Linux has all requirements for a modern and adaptable operating system
  • every software-monopoly ist wrong
  • Linux – straight within the church range – is always the cheaper alternative
  • the churches should support the idea of Linux and Open Source

We offer …

…in this framework every person, but also offices for church and municipalities support within conversion of existing computer-hardware to the free operating system Linux.

We help …

… realize implementing Linux within the requirements on modern workstations in the church range and on existing data. That means helping locally, but also helping “from the far” via email, phone or when there are problems through remote maintenance on the clients (telnet/ssh).

We advise …

… during the acquisition of linux computers and while the implementation of Linux suited hardware (also in existing Windows-Structures and Networks).

We inform …

… about advantages of Linux and about the possibilities how to use Linux productively and professionally instead of Microsoft-Products and secure in church systems.

We’re searching …

… for churchually engaged Linux-Users, beginners as like as pros, who want to support our Request and who are ready act as a contact partner and a helper.

translation by Alexander Schnapper